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Workwear Trims

As the workwear industry requires in-depth quality control under ISO standards, we provide heat-resistant, flame retardant, industrial washing compliable trims such as; press fasteners, hook & eye, hook & loop, elastic bands and more.

Fully automatic machines are available with global technical support. We assure quality and technical support with decades of experience.

Medical Wear Trims

As medical garments demand special washing conditions, we offer corrosion-resistant stainless snaps in different sizes.

Our carbon studs reduce errors of cardiac devices to detect pulses accurately, and our stainless-steel press fasteners are less magnetic to avoid defects during x-ray tests.

Safety, durability and accuracy are Morito’s top priorities in producing pieces for medical wear.

Stainless Snaps


Rust resistance
Industrial washing

Nylon cap

Rust resistance
Industrial washing
DTM color caps


Rust resistance
Industrial washing


Rust resistance
Industrial washing
Suitable to heavy duty

Plastic Snaps


Industrial washing
Flame retardant
Color variations


Industrial washing
Suitable for heavy duty

Jeans Buttons for Workwear

N604 Nylon Button

High durability
Industrial washing
Heat resistant

ISS NR7 Stainless Button

High durability
Industrial washing
Rust resistant

More options

Press Fasteners

Jeans Buttons


Tapey Snapper

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