Final Products

Design, Planning and Production

At Morito we promise to lead you from design to delivery.

Considering design, materials, and delivery time we promise to provide the best possible solutions.  

We offer products such as small accessory bags, laptop bags, waterproof backpacks, camera cases and equipment.

How we work with clients

1. Consulting

In the consultation we will listen and discuss your inquiry. Design ideas, cost needs and customized specifications are all details we consider.

2. Design & Planning

We will submit design options with suitable materials while considering your customized specifications. We then produce the first sample and repeat until approval.

3. Production & Delivery

Quality requirements and delivery plans will be discussed as the final step. We ensure you will receive your product satisfied and in time.

Sample Products

Camera Accessories

Camera bags
Camera parts 

Small Bags

Hard shell EVA case
Aluminium case

Office Supplies

PC bags
Pen cases


Seamless backpack 
Waterproof backpack 

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    Europe Headquarters (The Netherlands)

    Mr. Junya Nakao

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    France representative office

    Ms. Floriane Buttefey

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    Japan Headquarters

    Ms. Mako Hirata

    TEL: +81 (0)6-6252-3553

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    Hong Kong office

    Sales team

    TEL: +852-27366212