Automotive & Transportation Equipment

Morito’s transportation equipment materials run a wide gamut of products with automobile, train and aircraft parts leading the line-up.

Morito offers a vast amount of automotive products to suit our customers’ needs. Thanks to our global network we offer non-woven materials, webbing, elastic bands and nets, fasteners, plastics, armrests, shift boots, grommets, tags, labels, embroidery and scuff and kick plates and many other items. Our products are proudly used in many major OEM applications.

Building upon the concepts formulated through dealing with accessory parts over the years, Morito produces articles and assembly components that take full advantage of the company’s various processing technologies (sewing, pressing, ultrasonic-based, high frequency-based) applied to textile, plastic and metal materials.

Morito operates bases of production in the United States, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan and maintains sales operations on three continents creating a solid system of supply to address local demands.

Sample Products

Kick Plates

Floor Mat Parts

Arm Rest

Seat Nets

Snaps for Heat Shield

Sample Parts


Rust resistance
Industrial washing


Rust resistance
Industrial washing
Suitable to heavy duty

Standard Eyelet

Wide size range
Color variations
Iron/ Brass/ Stainless made available

Standard Grommet

Wide size range
Color variations
Iron/ Brass/ Stainless made available

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    Europe Headquarters (The Netherlands)

    Mr. Junya Nakao

    TEL: + 31 (0)10 437 8845


    France representative office

    Ms. Floriane Buttefey

    TEL: + 33 (0)6 0744 8296


    Germany representative office

    Mr. Thomas Schoenbuchner

    TEL: +49 (0) 851 379 312 85


    Japan Headquarters

    Ms. Natsuki Harada

    TEL: +81 (0)6-6252-3553

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    Hong Kong office

    Mr. Shinichi Kudo

    TEL: +852 3766 2892