Recycled Trims

Our recycled trim developments are an ongoing effort to improve. We work to optimize functionality and quality with the most sustainable methods and materials possible.

After several years of trial and error, we have been successful in developing accessories for apparel products using resins from pre-consumed and post-consumed materials and products. We use a wide variety of materials from pre -consumer airbags to post – consumer fishnets and PET bottles (only to mention a few).

Producing recycled trims, reduces waste all around us. This approach motivates not only industries but also individuals to recycle and reduce waste. Our fishnet-item development is a forerunner and one of our earliest sustainable projects.

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GRS certified trims from recycled materials.


Recycle our trims with your products in one go.

Eco-friendly production

Trims made with more Eco-friendly production method.

Bio & Plant-based

Reduce plastic usage and CO2 footprint with bio- & plant-based trims.

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