Automotive Catalog

Kane-M and Morito’s transportation equipment materials run a wide gamut of products with automobile, train and aircraft parts leading the lineup.Kane-M offers a vast amount of automotive products to suit our customers’ needs. Thanks to our global network we offer non-woven materials, webbing, elastic bands and nets, fasteners, plastics, armrests, shift boots, grommets, tags, labels, embroidery and scuff and kick plates just to name a few. Our products are proudly used in many major OEM applications.

Building upon the concepts formulated through dealing with accessory parts over the years, Kane-M and Morito produce articles and assembly components that take full advantage of the company’s various processing technologies (sewing, pressing, ultrasonic-based, high frequency-based) applied to textile, resin and metal materials.

Kane-M and Morito operate bases of production in the United States, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan and maintains sales operations on three continents creating a solid system of supply to address local demands.