About Morito

Morito Europe was established in 1984 by our parent company, Morito co., ltd., to help complete our world-wide network of providing quality products and services. With offices throughout the world, Morito Co., Ltd., along with Morito Europe, is your link to experts on fasteners, attaching machines, sewn products, automotive products and quality services on a global scale.

Morito operate bases of production in Japan, the United States, China, Taiwan and Vietnam and maintains sales operations on three continents (Asia, North America, Europe) creating a solid system of supply to address local demands. Whether your business is apparel or non-apparel (auto, medical or industrial), Morito has a product or service to satisfy your needs, anywhere in the world.


Our Mission

Pursuing Morito Quality and Services, Morito Europe provides the most suitable trims and accessories to add value to everyday life.

Message from Takaki Ichitsubo, President of Morito Japan

TakakiIchitsuboThroughout our century-long existence, we have been a dedicated supplier of eyelets, hooks, fasteners (including MAGICTAPE®), and other accessories. As such, it is only natural that we turn to our products in making contributions to society, say, by providing parts with improved comfort and functionality.

Upholding the management principles represented by our motto “Design your bright future with our various parts.” we view our corporate mission with respect to giving shape to the needs of our customers and developing products that are authentic in order to enrich the lives of the general population.

Morito undoubtedly owes its one hundred years of continuous growth to the patronage and support of its customers, shareholders, partner manufacturers, employees, and many others. While extremely grateful for their cooperation, I feel there has always been a “meeting of like minds” in our pursuit of authenticity.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation. In order that we may continue to grow, we have defined our management vision in terms of transforming ourselves into a global company, enhancing our corporate value and identity by taking our primary lines of business operations to the international arena.

Morito’s founding principle is represented by the philosophy of “active and steadfast,” embracing the ideals of taking the initiative in exercising good judgement and putting it into appropriate action to ensure consistent results. While responding to the changes of the times with the foremost flexibility, we will see to it that we always remain committed to our founding principles. We will keep adapting our operations in ways suited to global standards and meet challenges for the next generation, ceaselessly aspiring to a higher stage and renewing ourselves as a company that lives up to the trust and expectations of our customers throughout the world.

Your patronage and collaboration is indispensable to each endeavor we make, and we look forward to your continued support.